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Australasian Concrete Services is offer high quality Adeka Ultraseal products. The ‘double locking action’ of Adeka Ultraseal also makes it possible for the product to provide elasticity to fill the gap. When it comes into contact with water, the natural rubber swells to fill any gap while offering protection.

One of the main reasons why Australasian Concrete Services is proud to offer Adeka Ultraseal is because of the overall value and durability it offers clients. The lifetime performance of the product means that even while immersed in water, the resins that create the water absorbing sealant do not flow out. This makes it a highly useful and valuable seal no matter what industry you are in.

The cost of the installation is high competitive, making it even more worth your money.

When used in practical applications, Adeka Ultraseal has been used for:

  • Base joints
  • leaking parts expansion joints
  • sheet pile joints
  • round separators
  • H piles
  • tunnel segments
  • piping surrounds
  • deep well pipe surrounds
  • box culvert joints
  • pressure plates
  • construction joints

With all of these uses, it is no wonder that Adeka is such a well-respected name in high performance water stops.

Australasian Concrete Services offers the full range of Adeka products. This includes:

– MC2010M

  • 20mm x 10mm strip for construction joints
  • Reduce lateral and longitudinal expansion with a stainless steel braid to:
    • Reduce edge cover while eliminating blowouts
    • Reduce leaks by eliminating ‘hopping’
    • Fixing is more reliable
  • Control the rate of expansion
    • Installation and effect is more practical

– P201

  • Expanding waterstop used in gun-grade mastic. Useful in construction and repair

– A30/A50

  • Sheet pile sealant perfect for use in construction sites

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