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Sho-Bond has a huge range of technologies. One of our major products is their BICS system.

Sho-Bond BICS is a balloon injection method for concrete structures (BICS) that enables absolutely perfect repair of cracks.

The BICS method is based on a unique concept which assigns the job of low-pressure, low-speed injection that had relied up to now on man power, to the pressure created by the shrinking action of the rubber tube.

The BICS method is executed using a patented tool known as the BL-INJECTOR together with BL-GROUT – an epoxy resin based injection material.

The BICS method ensures positive injection of material even into minute cracks.

The BICS method’s prime merit is that grout material can be positively injected into the innermost portions of cracks, while permitting vast manpower savings.

Sho-Bond BICS is suitable for repair of cracks in all kinds of concrete structures such as; roads, railways, ordinary and elevated bridges, concrete linings for tunnels and under passes, concrete structures associated with buildings, factories, plants, waterworks, sewerages and water facilities for agricultural use, electric power, concrete structures of revetments, breakwaters, landing piers, gates, dam embankments, pools, airstrips, retaining walls etc.

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