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Australasian Concrete Services offers clients the ability to protect construction through the use of various waterstop products. The sealants we offer make it possible for construction and repair jobs to last longer using the best sealing mechanisms possible. Products like Adeka Ultraseal provide our staff with the ability to correct any water problem you might encounter in your structure.

With a history of providing the best products and the most affordable applications, ACS has a proven track record for offering clients the most reliable service. We can help when applying these sealants to just about any surface. Whether filling gaps or fixing joints, our sealants can get the job done so you can count on a durable seal.

Leaks will be fixed immediately with the sealants we use. Expertly applied, these sealants will last as long as the rest of the building materials, if not longer. Permanent seals are possible with our waterstop techniques. Trust in our quality and expertise to provide you with the ultimate in water control.

We mainly use Adeka Ultraseal as a sealant because it is a natural rubber based product that swells in water when applied to fill the gap. Once dried, the product can be completely submerged in water without letting any of the resins come out. It is a highly durable material that has been proven to be useful in all manner of industry. We will gladly use it to repair or construct for you as well.

To make sure you have the best waterstop possible, simply turn to Australasian Concrete Services for all of your sealant needs. We will be glad to apply the sealant and to make sure it is in place correctly. We work in just about any environment and provide competitive rates to maintain your business. We look forward to working with you.